Welcome to the Chilli Pot!

Welcome to what will (hopefully) be the latest and greatest resource about all thing chilli!

I’ll be your host for this evening. Well, I’ll be your host going forwards I guess!

Who am I? I’m Shaun – I’m a web developer from Sleaford, and I have an obsession with food. Namely curries, but really anything with a bit of the good stuff in it – chilli! I also have a passion for sharing good food with friends and family, and really anyone that’ll take notice really. My first passion when it came to ‘food blogging’, and still is Curry Pot. The website isn’t updated nearly as much as I’d like, but whenever I find a good curry recipe I’ll share it on there.

And thus was born Chilli Pot!

This website can almost be classed as a spin off from the other site, but this is going to be dedicated to all things based around chillies rather than ‘just another food blog’. I’m going to be hunting down and sharing the best artisan makers out there, from Daddy Cool’s Chilli Sauce to Magma Sauces, Fire Foods and anyone else I can find really! There’s going to be a section on Chilli Festivals and Events, Chilli Recipes, How to Grow Chillies, basically as much information about chilli as I can possibly fit into a single website.

I’m not promising that it’s going to be the best website around for chilli-heads up and down the country, but it’s going to be the best resource that I can come up with and I’m going to enjoy the ride doing it!


– Shaun –

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